The 2015 Conference at Auckland

"Spirit Person"

from pp33-36 of Meeting Jesus Again For the First Time by Marcus Borg.
"The historical Jesus was a spirit person, one of those figures in human history with an experiential awareness of the reality of God. The older, semi-technical term is holy man, but spirit person seems better. Spirit persons are known cross-culturally. They are people who have vivid and subjective experiences of another level or dimension of reality. These experiences involve momentary entry into nonordinary states of consciousness and take a number of different forms.
Sometimes there is a vivid sense of momentarily seeing into another layer of reality; this is the classic experience of the shaman.
Sometimes there is a strong sense of another reality coming upon one, as in the ancient expression, "The Spirit fell upon me."
Sometimes the experience is of nature or an object within nature momentarily transfigured by "the sacred" shining through it."

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