The 2016 Conference at Silverstream/Wellington

The Life of Jesus in a Comma

The following is an excerpt from Robin Meyers' book Saving Jesus from The Church reviewed by James F. McGrath.
The 'comma' observation has been made by many theologians.

Chapter 10, on 'Religion as Relationship, not Righteousness', devotes a significant amount of attention to Buber's famous distinction between 'I-Thou' and 'I-It' relationships. Having earlier mentioned the 'airport theology' of Christians who celebrate only, or focus primarily on, Christmas and Easter -- [he calls it 'airport theology' because it is all about arrival and departure] -- Meyers here notes the details of Jesus' human life that are omitted from the creeds. Looking at the Apostles' Creed's affirmation that Jesus was ''born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate'', Meyers sums it up well: The world's greatest life is reduced to a comma (p.207). By the end of this chapter, Meyers is summing up a powerful vision of a different way of being Christian, focused not on doctrines but on discipleship. 'Christianity requires no sacrifice of the intellect; it can withstand any question we dare to ask and any answer we are brave enough, in the service of truth, to answer' (p.218 emphases added).

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