The 2016 Conference at Silverstream/Wellington

Faith as Resistance to Ego, Orthodoxy, and Empire


So you find religious orthodoxy inadequate? And ruling cultural values vacuous? But you can't wait until the Sea of Faith conference in October? Then you'll welcome news of the next Progressive Spirituality Conference - subtitled Faith as resistance to Ego, Orthodoxy and Empire: a vigorous presentation of faith-in-action. That's faith very broadly defined, and action very variously portrayed.

Following the very successful 'Beyond the Borders' conference in Auckland in August 2014, Hawke's Bay progressives invite you to Napier this May. The planning committee come from Presbyterian, Methodist and Anglican churches: clergy and lay, male and female, gay and straight, and in the 45-60 age bracket. We believe we have put together a fine and feisty line-up: Robin Meyers from Oklahoma (prior to a tour of Australian cities) matched by a trio of Kiwi speakers: Jo Randerson, Robert Myles and David Clark, MP.

Bookings made before Easter (27th March) will attract an early-bird discount.
Flights from Auckland and Wellington can now be found for under $50.

For a booking form, use either this one - print, complete and mail to the St Paul's address on the front OR go to here and use the online form. Details of local accommodation deals will also appear there soon.

This link will put you in touch with SoF steering committee member, Adrian Skelton, who is involved in planning this conference.

P.S. Like a number of organisations, though Sea of Faith is not formally connected to New Zealand Progressive Spirituality New Zealand we have what might be described as a sympathetic connection. As Adrian noted above, the SoF Conference in October in Wellingtom will present Gretta Vosper, a passionate advocate of progressive Christianity. Noel Cheer, Webmaster

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